We buy used vinyl, LPs, 10" & 45s. We prefer records are brought to our shop for review and estimates, but we can also travel for larger collections within the tri-state area. Some tips about selling and the sort of records we are looking for: we prefer records to be in very good shape, which means no scratches or very minor at most. Covers should be intact and not torn or chewed up. Genre we look for: Rock, pop (mostly sixties/seventies/eighties/nineties), Jazz, R&B, Blues, Folk, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dub, Experimental, Electronic, world, Soundtracks, Ska, Psychedelic, Afrobeat, and others. Monday-Friday daytime is best, but we can work with your schedule if you make an appointment. Call for info and scheduling an appointment. 718.486.3771